FTZ-bonded Warehouse

The customs duties benefit of free trade zone for your business.

Duty Drawback

Easy facilitation of duty drawbacks for export/import.

Compliance Management

Support in customs compliance through documents and bonds.

Our Customs Brokerage Services Offer

When it comes to export–import, delays in customs clearance can often cause trouble. At Interport, our custom brokers understand the importance of timely customs clearance to minimizing costs and maximizing profits.

With more than 40 years of experience in customs brokerage service, our team of import–export brokers facilitate quick and efficient communication with the US Customs. With a fully electronic interface with the US Customs ABI system, our customs brokerage services provide the fastest way to clear customs for your freight.

  • Our Customs Brokerage Services Cater to:

    Hardware Industry
    Dealing with customs is part and parcel for every industry that involves import and export. The hardware industry is no exception. Sadly, being stuck in customs is quite common unless you are well-versed with the regulations of customs clearance. We at Interport are experts in customs clearance, which means we be confident in our ability to help your hardware business with customs clearance using our easy electronic interface... Learn More
  • Our Customs Brokerage Services Cater to:

    Retail & E-commerce
    With the globalization of retail and e-commerce, customs clearance can be a challenge. But not for Interport. With decades of experience in customs clearance, not only do we have the know-how, but also the support that it takes to get your goods cleared through customs. Our fully electronic interface with the US Customs ABI system assures fast and accurate communication and clearance...Learn More
  • Our Customs Brokerage Services Cater to:

    Cruise Lines & Hospitality
    Looking for support in customs clearance for cruise lines and/or your hospitality business? Interport has the necessary experience and resources to make customs clearance a breeze. Goods stuck in customs can increase your overhead immensely. We understand this, and that’s why our experts deal with the US Customs department in a reliable manner to ensure zero hassles for you... Learn More
  • Our Customs Brokerage Services Cater to:

    Liquor Solutions
    Customs is one of the biggest hurdles for the liquor industry. Due to the nature of the products (wines and spirits), proper documentation for freight and customs is crucial. Interport helps you with this documentation by drawing on their extensive experience and knowledge. Our fully electronic interface with the US Customs ABI system smooths out the difficulty in communication and speeds up clearance... Learn More
  • Our Customs Brokerage Services Cater to:

    Air Conditioning
    Interport offers impeccable support to the air conditioning industry in complying with customs norms, regulations, and documentation. We offer you help in clearing all custom duties relating to export and import. You can rely on our vast experience in working with US Customs for decades as well as our cutting-edge technology to render a fast and efficient experience ... Learn More
  • Our Customs Brokerage Services Cater to:

    Apparel Solutions
    The apparel industry is no stranger to customs. The fact is that at one point or another, all apparel businesses come to face custom clearance problems. This means that professional support in customs is essential. Interport understands this need as the fashion industry soars higher and higher still. We at Interport have just the professional expertise that you need to get your apparel freight cleared through US customs... Learn More
  • Our Customs Brokerage Services Cater to:

    Pharmaceutical Solutions
    As healthcare becomes one of the largest industries in the world, global pharmaceutical trade must catch up in a big way. To minimize the challenges for the industry, we offer expertise in getting your cargo cleared through US worry free. Our experience in the field and our convenient electronic interface with the US Customs ABI system gives us the edge in flawless custom clearance... Learn More
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Customs Brokerage

Hi!, my name is Jorge, I have an extensive Customs brokerage knowledge of over 25 years handling all kinds of merchandise.
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