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Ocean Freight

Reliable ocean freight into the US and/or foreign destinations

Air Freight

Quick and safe air freight services customized to your business needs

Our Freight Forwarding Services Offer

As a freight forwarder with more than half a century of experience, we ensure safe and seamless movement of your goods across the American, Asian, and European continents, as well as everything in between.

Our reach spans far and wide to ensure that we smoothly coordinate freight shipping and air freight from domestic as well as foreign origins, providing impeccable consolidation at our facilities. We also offer and specialize in Global Retail Distribution to get goods from manufacturers/distributors to store shelves with 24/7 access to transit information within your reach.

  • Our Freight Forwarding Services Cater to:

    Hardware Industry
    The way a business manages its freight plays a key role in the face of increasing competition and seasonality, with an eye to meeting customer demand on time at the lowest possible cost. It’s essential that freight forwarding be done at the lowest cost but with the highest standard. Interport is your domestic and global freight forwarding partner with this very commitment... Learn More
  • Our Freight Forwarding Services Cater to:

    Retail & E-commerce
    Retail and e-commerce are not restricted to domestic trade anymore. The world is now a global village. To meet the freight forwarding requirements of retail and e-commerce enterprises, our freight forwarding services support you domestically as well as globally. If you are looking for advanced retail and e-commerce freight forwarding that you can rely on, Interport won’t let you down... Learn More
  • Our Freight Forwarding Services Cater to:

    Cruise Lines & Hospitality
    Freight forwarding is becoming a necessity for cruise lines and the hospitality industry as businesses expand. Consider us your hospitality partners in freight forwarding your furniture & fixtures, generators, equipment and the heavy duty supplies and inventory that you need shipped by air or sea. Our modern inventory tracking system lets you keep track of all your inventory in our facility as well as in transit... Learn More
  • Our Freight Forwarding Services Cater to:

    Liquor Solutions
    Managing freight, especially internationally, can pose a major hurdle for the liquor industry. Liquor freight forwarding at Interport has been designed with the sensitive merchandise in mind. We adhere to shipping regulations while making sure that your wines and spirits reach their destination free of snags with customs or safety. Trust us for freight forwarding your liquor with the highest standard... Learn More
  • Our Freight Forwarding Services Cater to:

    Air Conditioning
    The air conditioning industry calls for a freight forwarding partner that transports their cargo safely, on time, and at the lowest possible cost, with customer service that lets them track the freight throughout the process. With the collective experience of a century, we’re prepared to manage freight forwarding for the air conditioning industry to the highest standard. At the same time, our real-time tracking systems keep you updated with the movement and delivery status of your freight... Learn More
  • Our Freight Forwarding Services Cater to:

    Apparel Solutions
    Looking for domestic and international freight forwarding service that gives you world class service, costs to fit your budget, and the customization that you need? Interport freight forwarding brings the best of freight forwarding options (domestic/global) for the apparel industry to meet its customer demands in time. We also support you in the right documentation and packaging to ensure safe arrival at the destination... Learn More
  • Our Freight Forwarding Services Cater to:

    Pharmaceutical Solutions
    With the boom in healthcare, freight forwarding forms an integral part of the pharmaceutical supply chain. With 100 years of cumulative experience in freight forwarding Interport supports the pharmaceutical industry with domestic as well as international freight forwarding, with strict compliance with government regulations, hazmat, and customs. The pharma industry relies on us for safe transit of their goods... Learn More

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