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We’re more than what we seem. We’re third-party logistics and beyond.

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Who We Are

We Make Businesses Grow by
Creating Experiences People Love.

Interport is more than just third-party logistics. We offer a spectrum of services ranging from logistics to warehousing to distribution, encompassing the entire range of supply chain services and solutions under one roof. From the Caribbean to Asia, from North America to Central and South America, our knowledge and innovation have earned us a reputation that we are proud of. It’s all made possible by our customers, who form the core of our business philosophy.

Company History

Interport Logistics was founded in 2000, at the dawn of the new millennium. Interport was born when experts with over 100 years of collective experience came together to form a company. We started with Freight Forwarding, and in a very short time grew to the most comprehensive service provider in the industry. Since then, there has been no looking back.

During the course of almost two decades, we’ve added services such as Warehousing, Distribution, Third-Party Logistics, Customs Brokerage, Consulting, IT, and many more to our spectrum of services. It has always been and always will be our mission to provide the best and most comprehensive services and solutions for our customers, because our customers sustain Interport and make it thrive.


Customer First

First come the customer’s needs, then comes our part to fulfil them.2018-11-14T07:47:02+00:00

Our sole mission remains to fulfil the customer’s needs to the highest standards. Our established infrastructure always includes room for customization to suit the customer.

The customer has the right to choose; we make ourselves worth the choice.2018-10-17T10:51:55+00:00

We hold the customer’s freedom to choose in the highest respect. Our job is to make our services valuable enough so as to deserve to be our customer’s choice.

It’s the customer’s sensibility that rules; that makes us even more sensitive to their needs.2018-11-14T07:50:48+00:00

We respect our customers as human beings with sensibilities and intellect. This is what drives us to serve them with the full consideration that they and their needs deserve.

The customer’s time is precious; we’re happy to accommodate.2018-11-14T07:53:18+00:00

We value our customer’s time and understand the demands they face. The least we can do is be accommodating to our customer’s time requirements. We’re glad to make adjustments when called for.

The customer’s expect the best; that is why we must excel.2018-11-15T05:02:29+00:00

Our relationship with the customer goes beyond the money they invest in our services. They expect the highest quality from us because of our reputation, and so, deliver, we must.

Customer’s recommendation matters; our reputation drives the growth of our large customer base.2018-11-15T05:00:03+00:00

There is nothing that nurtures our reputation more than our customer’s recommendations for the work we’ve done. Our large customer base stands testimony to it, and we keep striving for more.

Because the customer exists; our business exists.2018-09-14T11:02:16+00:00

Simple math – we wouldn’t be of any use if the customer didn’t exist. We owe our existence and prosperity to the customer, and we are grateful for it.


The Heads that Make Us Count

Be who you are, not who you think you should be. Embracing differences is our guiding light towards building a healthy, happy team.
Diversity in ethnicity, background, and everything else is the standard at Interport.
We don’t believe in “culture fit” — we believe in authenticity, kindness, and passion.

Let's make something great together

Let’s make something great together

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