BRIUTCARE HEALTH appoints Interport for its distribution needs

Interport Logistics, LLC announced today that its has been appointed as the Global Distribution Provider for Briutcare’s brand of products.

“At Briutcare, we supply the highest quality medical disposable products at a competitive price. The cornerstone of our business is the relationship with our customers. We understand that you have options when it comes to medical suppliers so we will do everything possible to sustain a solid partnership. We have the broad flexibility of adapting to any of our client’s requirement, while keeping the highest standards in our brand and service.” Stated Jacky Zeigen, the company CEO.

“We continue to build a great list of customers that recognize Interport’s dedication to quality service, reliable information and customer care” said Jose De Vivero, Interport’s CEO. “Our aim is to become the standard by which all distribution companies are compared”, he added.

About Interport

Interport Logistics, LLC is a Regional Provider of Supply Chain Management and Inventory Management Services with more than 300,000 sq. ft. of Domestic and Foreign Trade Zone warehouses in Miami and extensive consulting and technology division.   Operations in Los Angeles, Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire and affiliated entities in most Central and South American Countries.