Moving the most dense single piece to fly on an Antonov AN124 requires great skill and experience.  Interport’s Project Team, headed by Julio Fernandez did the improbable with superb coordination while adjusting to complicated conditions in the field. 
“Moving a piece that tall and heavy by Air required much engineering and persistence”, said Julio Fernandez, Director of the Project Team at Interport.

During the final days of December Julio and his global team of experts organized the movement of an Engine built in Bhopal, India to a fabrication facility to create an aircraft-specific frame that would withstand the G forces generated during takeoff and landing, moved this single unit of over 77 tons to Mumbai, then flown to Jamaica with several technical stops due to the unusual weight.

Once the transformer was paired with the frame, the combined weight of the main units was 92 tons and the overall load included its components and loading ramps for a total payload of 115 tons (pretty much the max capacity of an AN124)

Loading this unit onto the aircraft had its own challenges, as the total clearance to the top of the nose cone was less than 6″.  A set of rails that can withstand heavy weight had to be assembled to begin leveling the load well ahead of the aircraft nose, and then move the heavy load inch by inch to make sure not to damage the aircraft.

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